Senin, 22 November 2010

New Tips Accelerate Your Blog Loading

These tips I've ever written with the use of English here, but somehow I still feel less nih, hehe ... Here is a way to compress the CSS on your blog, which is certainly useful to speed up loading of your blog. Fast loading on a web page will make visitornya feel at home and will read your writing entirely, insha Allah .. Just imagine, if we find a site from search engines, and then when we get into the site loading very slowly, surely you will immediately close it right? Unless you are a patient:)

Compression techniques in CSS to improve your blog's page loading performance. In the sense here is not so super fast, but tends towards the optimization of CSS. Let's just say here all the same connection speed we yah ...
CSS Drive - CSS Compressor is a free service that usually is used to compress the purpose of this CSS. I recommend to beginners who are still in the field of CSS, do not try to fashion the Super Compact and Strip any comments .. Must use Light mode and do not strip any comments in advance. To that can be tried at the level of compression option Advanced mode.
In addition to compress the function mode, we also know the Uncompress. Usually used as the uncompress. CSS Drive unfortunately do not have this functionality, so I suggest you could try this in CSS Optimizer service.

If you are using, how is the Edit HTML, CSS code is usually located between code , please copy-paste the code compresses, if it is please copy and paste into your blog re-edit the HTML code that has been compressed to edit HTML page to its original position. After that press the save template. Done:)

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